1511h (KL TIME)

Here's Mr Zain trying to get Aiken to sit on one of the horses beside the jade chair.
While in KL, Aiken seems to have taken a liking to horses and can even pronounce them in mandarin.

1515h (KL TIME)

Leaving the Dragon's Home and on our way to the Pewter Factory.

1520h (KL TIME)

On our way to the Pewter Factory, you can see the huge constrast of the new vs old housing in KL.
All the new flats are build to accommodate those staying in the squatters and are sold to them at a discounted price.
Ard SGD10,000 to SGD20,000. That is so much less than a flat in Singapore.

1530h (KL TIME)

Our destination, Selwin Pewter.
Here, they will demostrate how Pewter is mined and polished to what you see in the shops.
Upon reaching the place, we were given a cup of orange drink chilled in a pewter cup.
Quite cooling to the touch.