Stage costumes worn by the King of Pop.

More signed memorabilia by MJ. Each with its story to tell.

The famed Neverland created by Michael Jackson.

Collection of mini cosbaby figures modelled after MJ.

Can't actually recall which part of Thriller did this appear....but never mind...

The man whom wore one glove but a pair of shoes.....that' MJ for you.
Maybe he could not find his other glove when he went on stage....haha.

The MJ Time Tunnel which depicts Michael Jackson’s music career in his lifetime.

New items at the MJ Gallery. His stage costume, a towel he used and his guitar.
Not sure how new is new....

Photo time at the Billie Jean section.

Various awards won by MJ.
Last pic for the day before we retire for the night at about 2000hrs.
Need to plan our itinerary for the next few days.