1240h (BKK TIME)

Waiting for the BTS at Chit Lom station instead of taking the BTS to Siam from Ratchadamri.

1305h (BKK TIME)

Was about 25mins away from Chit Lom. Relatively quick ride.

As usual, cut through one of the small alleys into JJ. The walkway from BTS was cleared of vendors and is now easier to walk.

First purchase from JJ market to beat the heat. This is the first time we reach JJ so late in the afternoon and the sun was scorching. In past years, we would have left JJ at this timing.

Covering the perimeter of JJ market to get our bearings.

1325h (BKK TIME)

First time venturing to this part of JJ market after all these years. Settled for lunch at this small eatery.

Grilled pork neck which was delish.

Pork Fried Rice.

Chicken Fried Rice.

My fried kway teow with chicken which was quite good. Small portion though.

Off to shopping. We stayed quite a while at this shop selling handmade soaps cause there was aircon...haha.