Aiken's school is going for the Winter Band Festival 2018 in Hong Kong which consists of exchange programmes, competition and performance at Disneyland HK.

We decided to tag along to support the competition and the Disneyland perfomance. At the same, for us to take a short break.

27/11/2018 @ 0445h (SIN TIME)

The flight is at 8pm but as the kids need to pack and check in their musical instruments, we had to report to Changi Airport T4 at 5am.

Aiken with his instrument and luggage. This boy is now taller than me.

0500h (SIN TIME)

Fully automated check in stations.

0550h (SIN TIME)

Saying hello from the rickshaw.

National Junior College Symphonic Band.

Name of this sculpture is "Travelling Family".

0620h (SIN TIME)

All the Xmas decorations are up.

Finding our inner child.

I think I crushed the poor "dog". Hahaha.

0635h (SIN TIME)

Chilling near the gate and grabbing some food to eat.