1535h (MEL TIME)

We landed after about 10mins.
AUD$70 for a 10-15mins ride is quite expensive but it is really worth it, in my point of view.
It gave me a different persepective of looking at the 12 apostles.

1535h (MEL TIME)

After the ride, we walk around the 12 Apostles Visitor Centre.
Here, there are some stories and information about the 12 apostles.

1540h (MEL TIME)

A poem about the 12 apostles found in the visitor centre.
I am quite intrigued by it.
Just got to take a photo of it.

1615h (MEL TIME)

We went further down to the Loch Ard Gorge.
It was named after the clipper Loch Ard which was wrecked here in 1878.
Stayed a while here and took some photos.

1620h (MEL TIME)

The area here is indeed steep with strong waves at the bottom.

1620h (MEL TIME)

Notice how sharp and vertically straight the edge of the cliff is?
Take into account the rushing waves at the bottom.

1630h (MEL TIME)

Though making a good photo from the top view, i certainly wouldn't want to be down there with the waves.