1110h (PARIS TIME)

This shows Virgin Mary holding on to the dead Jesus.
This is at the very end of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

1115h (PARIS TIME)

One more photo of the gargoyle at the side of the Cathedral as we leave the gothic symbol of the era.

1115h (PARIS TIME)

Another shot of the Notre-Dame Cathedral from another angle before we leave the place.

1200h (PARIS TIME)

At last we are at the Louvre Museum.
This is the famous "La Venus De Milo".
Really hard to get good shots of the famous artifacts as there are always people crowding around them.

1220h (PARIS TIME)

Seems like there is a lot of nice ceilings in Paris.

1230h (PARIS TIME)

No no, the statue is not crooked.
I purposedly took it at an angle and also not to capture any unwanted people inside the photo.

1250h (PARIS TIME)

Walah! The famous Mona Lisa.
As I did not have a tripod with me and there was so many people crowding around the painting.
This is the only best shot I got.
At least I get to see the famous painting for myself...:)
Next stop, the Seine river cruise.