1100h (PERTH TIME)

After visiting Perth Mint, it was quite an eventful walk to the Perth CBD area.
It started drizzling and I had to take cover in a japanese restaurant to wait it out.
Had some fruit juice at the restaurant whilst I waited for the rain to stop...
When I thought it was stopping, I venture out again, wrong choice, the rain came and went with the wind.
Had to hide in bus stops along the way and made the wrong decision coming out without my windbreaker...the wind was damn strong and cold...
Along the way, you can see such statues at various junctions. Quite interesting.

Here comes the rain again....a short walk of 10mins turned out to be an hour or so as I have to take cover for shelter due to the rain...

St Andrews' church if I remember correctly. The moment you see this, you will know u are not far from Kings St.
Shopping time!!! From here, I enter via Borders from the 1st floor and came out of Borders from level 2 at Hay St.
The area here is very unique as you might enter one shop from level 1 and come out from the other end at level 2 as the area is built alongside a small "hill".

Statue of a busker along the shopping belt.
Raining again...my frens went to Freemantle, hope they are having more fun over there...:P