Before you know, it is the Dec holidays and Aiken will be P6 in 2016, which means less travelling next year due to PSLE. Decided to go BKK again since we already went HK in Mar 2015.

Next time round should be Taiwan or Korea in end 2016. Getting a bit sick of HK and BKK. Time to explore other places.

17/12/2015 @ 0800h (SIN TIME)

All packed and ready to go to the airport soon. Our flight is at 1230pm this time round. My old luggage was damaged and got a new one just for this trip. :)

Reached the airport around 10am. This time round, we packed light. Only 24.6kg for 3 luggages.

1020h (SIN TIME)

All ready and wandering around the DFS area.

1026h (SIN TIME)

Instead of getting the SIM card in BKK, decided to buy at Changi Airport instead. This was S$13. Best decision I made as the BKK airport AIS counter was super crowded.

1210h (SIN TIME)

Our ride to Bangkok (Thai Airways). It is about 2hrs to Krung Thep (City of Angels).

All ready to eat, shop, repeat.

1300h (SIN TIME)

Aiken's last child meal on airlines. Next year, considered adult fare/meals.
The food was so-so according to him.

1305h (SIN TIME)

Did not catch this in the movies. Quite a interesting show on biking competitions.

1310h (SIN TIME)

This time round, the food was nothing to rave about.